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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And another round....

Well, I had my baseline today. I start taking gonal-f this evening...a new cycle starts all over again. I was just telling my husband on the way to the doctor's office today that this is our 16th visit to our clinic since we started our treatments....he looked at me and asked "I can't believe you are keeping track"...I couldn't believe it either. But I guess once you have the process down, it is pretty easy to figure out how many times you go to the clinic for every IUI cycle. So, I go back on Friday to see how the little guys are doing. We are increasing my dosage of gonal-F to 150 units for the first three days....maybe this will make a difference. I haven't told anyone this, but I really want this to work this time. I am scared to start IVF..but I guess this is normal.


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