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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

3 months and work stuff

B was 3 months old yesterday! time flies! Here are the milestones for 3 months:

-He is holding up his head longer during tummy time

-He can now sleep 8 hours at night without feeding. Sometimes he will still get up, but all we do is give him his pacifier and a little rubbing of the belly and he can go back to sleep--at least most of the time! The other night S and I went to bed at 10:30 and didn't wake up again until 5 am!!! That is 6 1/2 hours of sleep!! It was fantastic!

-I've switched him to a level 2 nipple...he eats so much faster now! At first we had issues about spit up but I think he just needed a little practice

-He laughs and coos a lot! Specially after a good night sleep.

-His eyes follows us now. I think he can recognize my voice and S voice and can probably see us a little. You can see his eyes following us once in a while.

-He loves to suck! He sucks his hands and arms whenever he can find it!! It is pretty funny!

I am still pumping and feeding him. My milk supply increased to the point that I am now freezing some milk! I am shocked! I just didn't think that this was going to be a possibility for me. We are headed to Ha.wa.ii in 1 1/2 weeks for my dad's retirement and I have no idea how I will pump on the plane! I don't think I can last the entire lenght of the trip without pumping once! My tatas will explode!! I am flying alone with B--I have no idea how I will survive this one!! S will fly back with us--but flying 10 hours with a newborn by myself is not something I am looking forward to. I have to figure out how much milk to bring, how to heat up the milk, when to pump discretely! oy!!

Now about work....I've been back for 1 1/2 weeks now. I went back full time last week and starting this week I am only working 3 days a week. It was really hard and emotional--there were lots of tears last week. It helped that my MIL watched him all of last week. This week he started day care. I was lucky that my boss' day care was able to take him in such a short notice. At first, I wasn't happy about the day care when we visited on Sunday. Maybe because it was at night time, there were no kids, it was on the basement and it just seemed so sad! I woke up on Monday at 5 not knowing what to do. S wanted for me to just quit and not put B thru the ringer, but I knew that if I don't at least come back this next two weeks, my chances of getting anything in our N.e.w. Y.or.k office is really slim. So with much anxiety, tears and hesitation, I finally made it to the day care center at 10 am and I sat there with him for an hour. After seeing all the other kids interact with Anna(the day care provider) I felt better. The kids adore her and they adore B too...he was the King of day care that day! I felt even better when he got home that day and he was in such a good mood! I think what helped is that I knew that he is only there for a minimum of 5 days (this week and next week-might be longer if I decide to come back after our trip).

So here is the update about work. I decided to come work part time for the next 2 weeks and then go on leave of absence. Once we get settled out in the east coast, I will call my boss to see if there is anything available. I need to go on leave on absence since there are so much going on with our life right now...we don't have a place to move to--how am I suppose to find a nanny if we don't even know where we are going to live. Plus our house here is still not sold and to top it all of, we need to buy a car since we sold our current car to my brother who is picking up the car in 2 weeks! So we will see what happens, if there is something for me when I call them(I have no idea how long of a leave of absence I will take) then great, if not then I think I will try to find something part-time. What I know for sure is that I want to do something in terms of work-ideally part time-and if it works out with my current company great and if not then I will take my time to find something. I think there is something out there for me and I just have to find it.

I hope everyone is doing well!


Blogger Beagle said...

Wow time flies!

E-mail me at beagleblogger at gmail dot com and I'll send a new invite (I need an e-mail address).

May 04, 2007 4:46 PM  

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