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Friday, July 11, 2008

18 Months!!

I can't believe B turned 18 months last week! We are definitely entering the terrible two stage. There's been so much changes with B in the last few months that it is so amazing to watch. The 18 month check up went really well-he now weighs 24 pds 15 oz and is 33 1/2 long! Everything is on track developmentally! Woo-hoo!

First of all his language/vocabulary is changing everyday. He is finally saying Mama and knows what it means! The other day I was playing with him and pretended I was sleeping. He came over to me and handed me a book to read--and I kept on "sleeping"..he did his normal practice of getting my attention by shaking my leg/arm and saying "eh". After a couple of seconds and I wasn't responding he shook me again and said "Mama" and that just melted my heart. He can say a few words like, bo for book, ba for ball, ca for car, bah bah bor bye bye, baby, dada, mama. He points to my belly and keeps saying baby which I thought was really cute, until lately he points to everyones belly and says baby. I think he thinks that baby means belly--hmn..hopefully we won't offend anyone until he figures out the difference.

He is getting really good with sign language. He mastered "more" in one day! Which is good and bad. At least now he can tell us if he wants more food or if he wants to ride his toy car a little longer. Sometimes he will give us the sign "more" and "finish" at the same time-which makes things very confusing. I started teaching him some sign language just a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the outcome so far.

He is also learning matching things. He finally mastered his sorter box and I was so proud of him. A few weeks ago, he knew probably 2 of the 6 shapes but all of a sudden, one day, he was able to match all the shapes with the box! I think at this point I realize that he is really starting to understand more and more things.

He is they type of boy who knows what he wants and is pretty stubborn--thanks to daddy's genes. He is starting to cry for things and sometimes won't stop until he gets his way. He plays pretty well with kids, although I am starting to notice that he is beginning to be very territorial with his toys. I think this is every mother's biggest nightmare! I know he needs to go thru this stage to learn how to share, but it is very embarrassing around other parents when your child is snatching away toys from their children. One other thing that he started doing is biting!! Oy vey!!! So far he only bites us and not other kids but we are trying really hard to nip this in the bud, but sometimes it is very hard to try to reason with an 18 month old.

***Some other updates***

My ex company settled...surprisingly. The agreed to change my classification and threw in $500-gee thanks. I think the company lawyer is the one who threw this in the package since DH and I know him really well-I am not sure if I ever mentioned that DH worked at my said company for 7 years. I got the final papers yesterday. I am so happy to get this behind me-I am sad that we even had to go this far.

On the P front-I went to the doctor last week and found out I gained 10 pds in 4 1/2 weeks!! Holy crap! My doctor was concerned b/c as of 20 weeks I haven't gained anything and she told me that I need to start gaining a pound a week going forward. Well, I did more than that!!! I guess this is what happens if you eat tiramasu or ice cream or a milk shake every night!! Everything else is going well--but I did cut down on the sweets!


Blogger electriclady said...

Congrats on the company settling--and weight gain!

and if you figure out how to stop the biting let me know!

July 11, 2008 3:40 PM  
Blogger MamaSoon said...

Hi Momo!!! Sounds like B is giving you a run for your money! The matching games are fun. It must be fun playing with him. And how cute to hear Mama! I've heard that the sign language is totally great since the kids have motor skills before verbal ones. Maybe a pic of B someday?

Glad your ex-employer settled. It wasn't cool what they had done.

I am happy to hear baby is doing well and you are 'plumping' up. LOL. Any excuse for a milkshake, right?!

July 11, 2008 10:11 PM  
Blogger Krista said...

Congrats on the weight gain. Sounds like B is in a challenging but fantastically fun age. Caden is a little younger but it still amazes me how much he can do these days. Let me know what you do about the biting and if it works.

July 17, 2008 12:05 AM  

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