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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Sorry I've been away for so long....but yes I am still alive and still very pregnant. I am 35w2d pregnant and I have been really tired lately. Everything is going well, except that I had a really bad cough/cold combination the last week. Being pregnant and being sick is not a good combination since you are still so paranoid about what medication you can take and how this affects the baby. It just reminded me how precocious this little one is and how lucky we are that we are this far in this journey.

2006 was definitely a year of trials and tribulations. The combination of infertility and job lost was very hard to deal with. There were times that I didn't think that life will be simple again...where we won't worry about the job, having kids. I think infertility is a scar that will never go is always with you--no matter how far you've gone in this journey for some reason, there is always a reminder. For those of you whose followed my journey, we all know that I was successful with my first IVF attempt and we felt so lucky and blessed. A part of me still can't really believe that this is happening. Unfortunately, S was still looking for a job and due to this we both felt that we couldn't truly enjoy the upcoming baby because this was hanging over our heads. It was a really long journey, we had to keep reminding each other that this is temporary and it is all about timing and something will come up and things will work out. We had to keep believing...if we didn't we would have fallen apart.

So here is the good news, I am happy to tell everyone that S found a job!!!! The only bad thing about this entire deal is that we have to move(we knew that the probability of this happening is really high..but it doesn't hit you until you have to do it). The job is in NYC-surprise, surprised...but we don't think we will be in Manhattan...he did that a few years ago and I think with the baby we are ready to move to the suburbs and enjoy some land, grass, etc. So for all you ladies in the east coast any ideas on where to move to will be appreciated. He will be in Wall Street for now, but the office is thinking of moving to midtown. If they stay in Wall street we are thinking New Jersey is the easiest and fastest commute...if they move to midtown then we can look at NY and Connecticut. Any help, ideas will be greatly appreciated!! We want to live in a town with some kind of a downtown, where we can walk to restaurants and shops. I think we might rent for a year and then buy something after that once we know the neighborhood. We are not moving until May--he negotiated this with his contract..he starts work on Jan 8th and will be commuting to NY until then. He is really happy and excited.

So ladies...Happy New Year to all--my wish for everyone is that 2007 is a year of joy and celebration for all of us. I am sorry I've been away from all your blogs--I blog during little breaks I get from work, but we have been going thru some major changes at work and breaks are few and far between lately. I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and please be patient with me as I catch up on all of your blogs!