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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Finally a decision

We finally made a decision...we hired a nan.nny. Deciding to hire a na.nny became easier when B got sick 2x in 2 weeks. Two weeks ago, while I was writing my last post about what do to with this situation, B developed a fever. I received a phone call on my train ride home and since I was on the train the connection was really bad. All I heard was, hi Mrs. Momo, this is X and this is not an emergency...then silence. I tried to call back, but of course I couldn't get a connection. Finally I got off the train and I called and I was told that B developed a fever. I took him home, he was pretty miserable-his fever was around 103 for about 2 days. I took him to the doctor the next day and found out he caught a bacteria. Great, not even 2 weeks at said and he is sick. I kept him home for 2 days and he was fine.

He went back to school the next week, he still had a stuffy nose, but for the most part he was okay. Then when I went to pick him up on Wednesday-there was this big sign at the door that there was a vi.rus at vi.rus(similar to vi.rus which is horrible!!)-all I can say was FANTASTIC!! They made us take all their sheets and blankets home to wash and they were doing a major cleaning of the school. B was fine that night--so I took him to school the next day(half his class was wiped out!!). As I was telling my boss about it, she was like "I can't believe you took him there today--go get him or I will be really mad". So at ten I picked him up and he was fine until lunch time. After he eat his lunch--BAM! projectile vomiting in action. He vomited all over my hair, shirt, couch, floor and lamp!! Of course my first instinct was that he caught the vi.rus. Luckily that was the only incident that entire weekend(he threw up some more, but mostly because he doesn't want to eat...more on that later). To make a long story short, we decided that a nan.ny is probably the best option for us right now. First of all, we don't want him to keep getting sick, secondly I can't keep taking off 2 days a week because B is sick. What we decided is that we will have a na.nny until he is about 15 months old and then he is going back to We figured that he will be older and he might be able to fight off any sickness better,plus it is really important to us that he gets stimulation from teachers and other kids vs. a na.nny. That is of course if I am still employed at that time-I am not sure how long my gig will last.

Deciding on who to hire was a harder decision. We really liked one lady who lived about 22 miles away. We were afraid that after doing the drive-especially during the winter she will decide to look for something closer to her. Because of this we decide to hire our second choice who lives in our town. I kept going back and forth and feeling sick to my stomach trying to decide who to hire(note to self--I will be a terrible employer since I feel bad not being able to give everyone a job). I will never know if we hired the right lady--you see hiring a nan.ny is not like buying a car where you can test drive it first before you make a decision! I just hope that I made the right choice.

Now on B not wanting to eat. The last couple of days he's been really difficult to feed. He usually gets 5 bottles a day(breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon and dinner) and along with breakfast he gets oatmeal w/apple sauce, and for lunch and dinner he gets a vegetable and a little bit of fruit. The last couple of days he would only take a few ounces(2-3 vs 6 ounces) of milk per feeding and he would barely finish his vegetable. Of course I am so worried that he is not eating enough so I keep forcing him to eat--which I found out that this was a bad idea after he throw up 2x!! I am hoping that he is just going thru some stage(maybe it has something to do with his teething??) vs. a big problem like a block in his system. For now, we are watching him. He ate well yesterday and this morning so I crossing my fingers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Will I ever Know What Is the Right Answer???

So, I've been killing myself trying to figure out what to do with childcare!!! I didn't think I would be so wishy-washy about it and it is driving me and S nuts!!! At one point I told him to just make the decision because I can't do it!

So B right now is in I like the on the other hand doesn't have any opinion because he still to this day have to visit it and introduce himself to the staff. B seems happy when he is there...although he is only 7 months old so I am pretty sure he doesn't even know what is going on. The facilities are clean, the staff are really nice and they LOVE him there! This I know for sure, there are days when I pick him up that he is not in the room because one of the other teachers kidnapped him and is taking him for a stroll or something!

So you are probably wondering what is the problem?? Well, S and I are a little gun shy because of what happened to him in He was going to a when I went back to work. The lady was super nice and was very loving to B. The problem was that she wasn't very strict about the sick policy or should I say there really was no sick policy. The last day B was there one of the moms said that her daughter had a 104 fever the night before!! S and I just looked at each other and I wanted to scream "what is your daughter doing here??!!??" Well we all know what happened to B 2 days after that.

So after this really horrible experience, S and I think that a nan.ny will be a better option for us--he will be home and the chances of him getting sick is smaller. I know we can't prevent him from getting sick, but if he is not around a lot of people, the chances are less (actually S want someone to tell him that B will never be really sick again and end up in the hospital-we all know that will never happen). So we started interviewing some na.nny and we found a couple that we really like. You would think by now we would have hired someone and the discussion is over. But there is one issue--S and I believe that being around other children is the best environment for him. We only want a na.nny for a few months, maybe until he is about 15 mos old, when he is a little older and his body can stronger to fight germs. I like the he is at right now and I would like for him to go there, but I have a feeling that if I pull him out now he won't be able to get a spot when we are ready to put him back next year. And the other big issue is that there are not a lot of center where we live-so the waiting list can be long. They give priority to kids that are already in the system-understandable.

So the question is do we take the chance and pull him out? Or maybe we will like having a nan.ny so much we won't even attempt to put him back in And since we are only renting, who is to say that we will be living in this neighborhood in a year? two years? Maybe by the time we are ready we will be moving again and we will decide to stick with a na.nny(until we are settled) vs. have him transition again? I feel like I am over analyzing this and I should just take a deep breath and stop thinking. Maybe what I need to do is just take this thing one day at a time. Life could be different in 6 months--who knows. I should not worry what the people at think of me or my decisions or if B will be forever barred from their school. Maybe I should just think about what is the best for him today and the rest will fall into place. Help!! Why is this issue so difficult.