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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Step backwards

Sorry it took me so long to write an update. With the Easter weekend things just got a little crazy around here. Had a follow up appointment on Thursday and unfortunately they found 4 sacs this time. I think the u/s a week ago was a fluke...the 4th was probably there and they just didn't see it. The sacs are the same size as they originally were(this means that they haven't decreased in size since the very 1st u/s with the R/E). This wasn't really a very encouraging news. Dr. Midwest said that as long as the baby is growing nicely, the mysterious sacs will hopefully just dissolve. I am still crossing my fingers. I am entering my 11th week this week and it scares me that these sacs are still an issue as I enter my second trimester. It makes me very hesitant to share the p news with friends and family. S thinks that we should go ahead and tell people-he claims that what difference does it really make? Hopefully, these mysterious sacs are a non issue and the baby will continue to develop. But I am little hesitant--I guess I want everything to clear up before we start sharing our news. I don't like the unknown factor about it and I feel like I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am afraid that once we tell people, something bad will happen and we have to face explaining what went wrong to everyone.

I got some more bad news last week-Dr. Midwest called me last week to personally inform me that their practice is dropping their OB practice on Aug. 31st!!! She said that she will continue seeing me thru my first trimester(which is only a week from now) and then I have to find a new doctor--obviously we need someone to deliver this baby. ARGH!!! I am so frustrated and mad about this. I know it is not something that I can control, but with all these complications, the last thing I need right now is to search for a new doctor. Since I don't know anyone out here, I just have to go with the doctors that she recommends-which by the way she doesn't really have any specific doctor that she wants me to go with. She said that they will make sure that they transfer all my files and u/s to the new clinic and she will talk to my new doctor in person about my case. As of now, I made an appointment with a doctor on April 16th. I still have 1 more appointment with her this week for my NT scan. I think I will call her and ask her if I can keep coming in for monitoring until I go to the new doc since I still have all these mysterious sacs. I am crossing my fingers that she will be okay with that.

Oh...things are just not getting any easier......

Thursday, March 13, 2008

3 is better than 5-at least in this case

Went back to see Dr. Midwest yesterday for my weekly u/s. The baby(I really need to come up with some kind of name) is doing well. He/she has a heartbeat of 167bpm and is measuring right on target at 9w. On the other news about my uterus-they only found 3 sacs so it looks like 2 of the mysterious sacs are gone! That is fantastic news!! In addition, one of the blood clots is gone!!! Woo-hoo. I am down to 1. So Dr. Midwest is very happy with my progress and so am I. I hope that this trend continues. Crossing my feels nice to get some good news-even if they are really small victories--I will take it.

Other than this news, I found out this past Monday that I will be out of a job by the end of June. I am kind of sad and disappointed and I am still trying to get this information to sink in. It should not be a surprise since I've always known that this might not be a permanent gig, but still very disappointing. Plus with the current P the earliest I can really look for a job is probably February if I decide to do so. I still don't know what I will do. Sigh...

Monday, March 10, 2008

An unexpected trip

Yesterday started fantastic. We decided to take B to the Children's Museum and we all had a great time. He crawled all over the place and played with puzzles, stackables and puppets. He tried to befriend some other babies..but we know that it is pretty hard to be really "friends" at his age. After the musuem we went out to lunch and he was flirting with a teenager! It was so cute...B is such a flirt- it is so funny to watch him! We went home put him down for a nap..he took a 2 hour nap--nice!! After his nap we played a little bit and decided to go out for pizza for dinner(with my P, I have no energy to make dinner and clean up we do a lot of take out and eating out!!). Dinner was good, we saw our neighboors there so we chatted a little bit. It took him a while to eat, but once he realized that it was pizza in front of him, he went for it. After dinner, we went home, I gave him a bath, and started the bedtime routine. But I think with the time change, he just wasn't ready for a nap yet, so he started crying and screaming in his room. I decided to go back and get him and let him play for a little bit...and this is when the trouble started.

I took him to the living room where S was. S was working on his computer sitting on the couch. I sat on the ottoman and I was trying to calm B down from his crying and just cuddling him. After a while he wanted to get down, so I put him down and he crawled up to his daddy. He is mesmerized with computers, cell phone--anything that he is not allowed to touch. S had the TV on and was watching 60 I turned my back on B and I thought S was watching him. Apparently S was watching the TV--B turned around and attempted to walk towards the ottoman(he is starting to walk--he is taking 2-3 steps before he falls). He lost his balance and fell and hit his head on the ottoman!!! It was a really loud impact! He started screaming and I picked him up...then I noticed blood coming out of his eye!!! I started to panic...S ran to get towel. At this point I couldn't focus..we just went on automatic mode and put his jacket on and we were preparing to go to the ER!! At this point, I noticed that the blood wasn't coming out of his eye, but from a cut above his eye-this made me feel a little better. Thank god the ER is only a quarter mile from our house so we were there in no time. They checked us in and at this point B was calm and starting to smile and be himself again. The cut doesn't look so bad, but we wanted to get it checked out. The doctor finally saw us and he said it was a small laceration and he looked in his ear and everything looked fine. He gave us an option for a Cat-scan-he said that there is very little side effects-but it is up to us-he said B looks fine, but if we want the peace of mind we can do a scan to rule out everything. S and I talked it over and decided that it is better if we do it-to make sure that there are no neurological damages. The scan was horrilbe. They had to wrap him and secure his head and he was screaming the entire time!! He kept moving his head so it took a while to get the reading. Finally, the doctor came back and told us that everything is okay and there is nothing to worry about!! Phew! We went home and put him to bed and he seemed fine.

We were still very shaken up and mad at ourselves after B went down!! I mean this was something that we could have avoided!! I know I should stop beating myself up--especially he is a boy and this won't be the last time he will hurt himself. I don't think I will ever get used to it.

He woke up fine this morning-other than his black eye!! Poor little guy!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Day, Old News

Went to visit my OB yesterday... I think I will give her the name Dr. Midwest-she grew up in the Midwest and lived in for about 10 years so we have a lot of things to talk about it. The u/s tech was really nice. She tried to do the traditional u/s, not the v-cam, but realized after seeing all the mysterious sacs that we had to do the v-cam. There is really nothing new to report. I still have 5 empty sacs, one of them is smaller than last time so Dr. Midwest said that this was a good thing. They are starting to disintegrate and this is what we want to see. Although this time I gained 1 additional hematoma-great-so I now have 2. I expect to at least have some bleeding or spotting since these hematoma needs to go somewhere. They are not very big so she doesn't require any bed rest or anything-but of course I am a little worried. The baby's heartbeat is165bpm, which is very good...but he/she is measuring at 7w6d-which is right on track of my due date of Oct. 15th. I was a little worried since the last time I went to Dr. W last week, the baby was measuring 7w4d. Dr. Midwest that this was not a concern and it is within the margin of error(which she told me was 7 days). The important thing was that the baby was growing-she would be concerned if their measurement was less than Dr. W from last week. So even though I was really worried about it, I have to trust her. There is so much uncertainty about what's going on inside me that I feel like I am walking on egg shells with this pregnancy. For now, I am not going to a specialist-I go back next week for another u/s.

As for p symptoms, not as much. Nothing sounds appetizing in terms of food, with my last p, at this point of my pregnancy I was puking every night(knock on wood). This time around, I feel nauseous but I haven't thrown up. Spr.ite seems to do the trick with making me feel better. Oh and the constipation is back..lovely. I am also tired all the time.

***warning child mentioned below***

On another note, I feel bad that I've neglected writing about B the last couple of months. He turned 14 months yesterday. My little boy is growing up so fast. I have some long overdue posts about him. Hopefully I will catch up this week.

So that's is pretty much the same thing-still waiting and hoping that by next week, we start to see these mysterious sacs disappear...I so hope so.