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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Third Trimester

Today starts my third, I can't believe that this seems more real than ever before. We are actually having a baby in 12 weeks or less! Things are pretty good, I am starting to feel more and more tired everyday. I am starting to have back pains and heartburn...lucky me. Sleep is still an issue, but I've accepted it, and makes things easier knowing that I really can't change anything. I had my doctor's appointment today and everything looks good. We did the glucose testing today and I didn't think that the drink was that bad--I guess since everyone was complaining about it, I was prepared that it was really going to be nasty. But overall, it was okay. I've gained 13 pounds so far, not bad according to Dr. Shut Eyes. I did develop some rashes last week (they are gone now) and I think it is from the cocoa butter that I was rubbing in my belly.

The baby is doing great...heard the heart beat today. He/She decided to do some karate kicks at 2 am this morning! That was lovely--S and I laugh every time we see my stomach move when the baby is moving. We picked up some paint samples this weekend for the room, but of course we didn't like any of the ones we picked....very typical of us. I made a list of things I need to get done before the little one shows up and I am starting to panic! I think having the holidays smack in the middle of everything makes me more nervous!

So things are moving along...I can't complain. I hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

27 Weeks

One more week and I will be entering my third trimester. I can't believe how quickly time is passing. I discovered something pretty cool last night, as the baby was kicking I noticed that my stomach was moving!!! It was cool and weird at the same time! I wanted to show S so I was poking my stomach and S scolded me and told me to stop poking the baby....he/she will make an appearance when he/she wants to!!

On another subject, I know I've complained about my commute and the train and how people don't give up their seats for pregnant people--therefore I have to tell you all the story that happened the other day. I was sitting down on the L train on the way to work, the train wasn't very crowded, but there were no open seats. A women gets on the train, maybe in her late 20s early 30s and she had to stand up since there were no seats. After a few minutes, she ends up sitting on the floor, I looked at her and asked her if she was okay. She replied and said that she feels like she is blocking out. I got up from my seat and offered her my seat, at first she refused, but I insisted. She sat down and started getting her color back. After a few minutes, she stands up and offers me my seat back and I told her I was okay and I was getting off pretty soon. What amazes me is that there were 11 other people sitting down around us, mostly men and no one offered her a seat when she was clearly sitting on the floor and me, the pregnant one is the one who gives her a hand. And by the way, after I got up and stood up, not a single person offered me a seat!!! I am just surprise how people can be so rude.

I've been pretty depress lately too..I know, you guys are probably wondering "what is her problem??". S is still looking for a's been a year last week and it's just been so hard. I don't like to blog about it because this is not what this blog is all about--but sometimes it is just too much to handle. I think as the arrival of the baby is approaching, I realized how hard this is for S. He tries to be happy around me all the time, but I know that he is just doing it for me and the baby. He feels bad that we have to look into child care, all along our plan was for me to stay home after we have children or at least have that option, and it kills him that we can't do that right now. I look at him and I just wish there is something I can do to take all the pain, anger, frustration away...but I know I can't. When we were having problems with getting P, I thought that once we got P, that everything will be fine and we will be happy and we will enjoy every moment of it.....sadly, the job loss is robbing us from what is supposed to be our happiest moment.