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Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's a Boy!

Yes, we had the baby 4 weeks early! A week ago last Wednesday, our little guy, Benjamin decided to make an early appearance. It was a surprise for all of us...and to be honest I was in complete denial. Mentally, I kept telling myself that this baby is not going to come until February 1st and having him at 35w6d was way too early. But what do I know.

Here is how it went. Tuesday night, I noticed that I was having a lot of discharge so I was concerned. I called the doctor on call and he asked if I had any pains and I said no, just lots and lots of discharge. He asked if it was mucusy(spelling?) or if I think it might be my water and I said it looks more mucusy than water. He said that it was okay and this is normal for where I am in my pregnancy. So I went about my evening...and went to bed. The discharge was still going strong(I had to change panty liner 3 times during the night). This concerned me, so when I got to the office the next day, I called Dr. Shut Eyes to see if I can come in, because I wasn't sure if it was discharge of my water breaking. She told me to come in right away, so I left work. She checked me out, definitely not my bag of waters, they were still in there. She checked if I was dilated and it turned out I was 4cm dilated. I was in total shock...I just looked at her and asked what should I do now. She said go back to my normal day, if this baby is coming, it's coming. She told me to check back with her the end of the day and update her on my discharge. I asked her it is possible that I can walk around at 4cm for a couple of weeks and she said yes. But I think she knew I was having my baby that day, but didn't want to freak me out. I was very upset since the baby is only 35w6d and it will be a premie...I keep trying to talk to the baby and asking him to just hold on for another week.

So I went back to work....thinking about it now makes me realize how crazy this was. Around 11:00 am I noticed some pain but not sure what it was, I figured it was related to exam that Dr. Shut eyes performed earlier that morning. The pain was about 9 minutes apart, but still I was in denial. Finally, at 1:30 I went home and called Dr. Shut Eyes and told her about the pains and she told me to go to hospital when they are 5 minutes apart. So at 4:00, S and I drive to the hospital and by the time we got to triage, I was 6 cm dilated!!! Holy cow, I am having this baby today! So they transferred us to labor and delivery and by 10:00 I was fully dilated and the baby was out by 11:15!!!

So here we are, at home with Benjamin and learning the ropes of feeding a premie. I am not going to lie and say it is wonderful--because it is far from that. We are feeding him every 2 hours and it takes an hour to feed him since he is so small and tends to fall asleep. So essential, we get an hour break and we are doing it all over again! I keep telling myself...hang in there, you just need to survive the first six weeks and things will be better....I hope