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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Inside B's mouth...good doctor said "there is absolutely nothing going on inside"...yup B is not teething at all!!! Good doctor said there is nothing to be worried about, some kids don't their teeth as late as 15 months! Whoa...that is a long time. B will be the only 1 year old without any teeth!! Okay, I know I am exaggerating. Oh well, I guess this just means that B won't be having any steak any time soon! :)

I am trying to teach B how to say mama....he is not even close to saying it, but it just makes me feel good that we are trying. I am not really sure where he should be in terms of talking, but when I hear other moms talking about their babies saying "mama" or "dada" I get worried a little that B is no where near this milestone. I know every baby is different, but as a mom you just can't help but worry. I try not to compare, but sometimes it is really hard. I guess I just need to relax about it a little bit.

We found a nanny!!! Woo-hoo!! I have to say that finding child care or choosing which is best for your family is one of the hardest thing I've ever done. I am essentially telling this stranger, "my life is in your hands, you are taking care of the most valuable person in my life". So I tend to be a stress case when I go thru this process. This time around, the decision didn't seem to be as hard, maybe because we just went thru the hiring process 2 months ago. We interviewed 3 candidates and we ended up hiring the person with the most experience....I know no brainer right?? But it was actually not as simple-you see the person that we ended up hiring Miss T, was the person we had the least connection with out of the 3 we interviewed. But we knew she was going to do a good job and she's been doing this for 12 years. The girl that we really liked unfortunately came back with some questionable references. I think one of the references she gave me is her sister or sister in law, and for some reason that just didn't sit well with me. It's okay if she took her of her niece or nephew, but I wanted a third party opinion. Plus, when this reference called me back, the caller IDs(love caller ID) last name was the same as the nanny--which prompted me to think that they are related-but when I asked the reference said that her phone is under her brothers does this mean Nanny #1 is her sister?? Whatever. Then the 3rd nanny was just too young...she was only 19 and that made me very uncomfortable. I hope that I can put this nanny search behind me for a while...either I will get laid off--which is a very high possibility or Miss T will work out and she will stay for a while.

Monday, October 08, 2007

9 Months!!!

OMG..where did the time go?? I can't believe that B turned 9 months last week! I know they say that time flies and they grow up so quickly...but to me this is ridiculous!! My baby looks like a little boy now. When he wakes up in the morning--he talks to himself and sits up!! Seeing him sitting up in his crib is just such a huge deal for me, I don't know why, I just imagine him as a little boy..sitting there and playing! It is just unbelievable, a few months ago he was this little baby who can't even hold his head up!

B is now crawling...oh is he crawling FAST. He gets into everything. This morning he was crawling around the kitchen and our pantry was open. Next thing I know, he sits up and he starts touching the tequila..yup tequila and balsamic vinegar! At that moment I knew that we are in trouble. He is so curious and he is getting into everything. He doesn't care that he has all these toys in the living room...nope..he decided he is tired of those and he wants to explore the entire house. He loves playing with shoes(yuck!), purses and anything else on the floor that he can get his little hands on!

I started training him on a sippy cup, but so far that is not going so well. He likes to chew on the them instead of trying to figure out how to drink from them. He can now hold his own bottle and drink from it, but half the time he is playing with it. I started making his food, mainly because I feel weird giving him the baby food w/the meat. I figured, I don't even like eating canned meat, how can I give it to him. It is a lot of work since I have to peel, chop, cook, blend/puree and freeze!! I get tired just writing that down! He loves mommy's food, now I just need to figure out how I can start feeding him bigger chunks w/out choking him. I am even afraid to give him because I just don't know if he is really ready for them. I am very paranoid about choking as you can see.

He can't sit still anymore. I now the days when I keep him in my lap and just shower him with kisses is going to end before I know it. I am not ready for this yet. I look at him and my entire body just melts. I knew that having a baby is such an incredible experience, but until I experienced it I didn't really get it. I can't get enough of him. I just want to hold him and protect him from everything. I've said it a million times before, but this is the most intense love affair I've ever experienced and I am loving every minute of it!!

Now, on a bad news--our nanny, yes the one who started 4 weeks ago-quit last week! Sigh! So now I am in the process of finding a new nanny and the process is not fun. For example, we were suppose to interview someone last night and she was a no show!!! I am crossing my fingers that we will find someone that we trust and who is reliable.

Anyway, 9 months...what can I say. We are closer to his first birthday than the day he was born-unbelievable! It's been an incredible 9 months!